Satellite Email and Web Acceleration

Mac Help




NOTE: If you are using an Optimizer, Aurora, Globalstar Sat-Fi, Iridium GO!, or Iridium

AxcessPoint WiFi device, it is not necessary to complete a manual DUN install.

When connecting to a satphone or terminal that requires a USB cable or a USB to Serial

Adapter to connect the host computer to the satellite phone (for example, Nera terminals and

handheld satphones) you must:


1. Install drivers for the USB/USB to Serial Adapter cable, if needed. (Note: Keyspan

USB to Serial Adapter is the only adapter we recommend for this manual install on a

Mac OS computer.)

2. Create a new service in Network Preferences.

In addition, you must configure a strong firewall to block all traffic except XGate. This

firewall will prevent internet-aware programs from looking for updates during your satellite


Please Note: These steps were written using Mac OS 10.6 Operating System and are offered

only as guidelines to aid you during the manual installation process. Your screens and

selections may differ, depending on which OSX is on your computer. We do not have step-bystep

instructions for all operating systems. If you experience difficulty with the manual

installation, adding an Optimizer (or similar device as appears in the Note above) to your

satellite communication system eliminates the need to install drivers, firewall, etc.


1. Install USB Adapter, if needed.

Keyspan is the only USB to Serial Adapter we recommend for this manual install.

a. Go to to get the updated Keyspan drivers for your operating system.

b. Select “Save File” to download the file to your computer.

c. In Finder, locate the downloaded file and double-click to extract the .pkg file.

d. In Finder, locate the .pkg file and double-click to start the install.

e. Follow the prompts until you receive the message “The installation was successful”.

f. <Close> the window.


2. Create a New Service in Network Preferences.

a. Plug your satphone into your computer.

b. In the top left corner of your screen, go to Apple Icon > System Preferences > Network


c. Click on the [ + ] sign in the lower left corner of the window to “Create a New Service”

d. Select Interface from the drop menu that matches your satellite phone.

e. Enter Service Name: Satellite device or whatever name meets your needs (i.e. Iridium

Satphone, Inmarsat, Globalstar, etc.)

f. Click [Create].

g. Enter Telephone Number provided by Service Provider: (i.e. Iridium=008816000025,

Inmarsat=28, Globalstar=#777)

h. Enter Account Name provided by Service Provider: (i.e. Iridium=iridium,

Inmarsat=INMARSAT, Globalstar=’blank’)

i. Enter Password provided by Service Provider: (i.e. Iridium=iridium,

Inmarsat=INMARSAT, Globalstar=’blank’)

j. Click [Apply]

k. Close the window.

l. Open XGate, go to XGate > Preferences > Connection > Connection Information.

m. Select Default Connection to match the Location in Network Preferences.

n. Select Type to match service provider: (i.e. Iridium Direct Connect, INMARSAT,


Note: The Default Connection in XGate:

must match the Location in Network Preferences.