Satellite Email and Web Acceleration

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Quick Start Guide for Android Phones and Tablets

Use Your SatPhone.Me Account on Android Devices

  1. - On your Android device click here to download XGate or search for it on Google Play.  
  2. - Select <INSTALL> to download the XGate app to your device. 
  3. - You must have an active SatPhone.Me account in order to use the XGate application.  If you do not yet have an account visit to register.
  4. - Open the XGate app on the Android device and enter your user ID and password in the Settings > User’s Settings page <Save>
  5. - Then select Settings > Connections > and select "Network Connection." <Back>
  6. - To test the installation, with an internet connection available, go to Mail > Send/Receive Email > Send/Receive Email. XGate will use the Network Connection to connect to the XGate mail server and you will receive the Welcome to XGate email.
  7. - If you will be using a satellite connection, go to Settings > Connection > and then choose the type of device you will be connecting to and click Save.
  8. - Connect your satellite device to your computer or router.  Make sure that your satellite phone is turned ON and that you have a strong, unwavering signal.
  9. - On your Android device, connect to the wireless network created by the Optimizer.
  10. - To send an email, Open XGate and select Mail > Send/Receive Email  > Send/Receive Email. XGate will initiate a satellite session, connect to the email server, send email, receive email, and then disconnect your session. You will see a log of the session in the XGate window. 
  11. - You will see “Finished” or “Connection Closed” at the end of the session log.