It's Time to Rethink the Way you Use your Satellite Phone

Is your satellite phone stored in a pelican case or ditch bag? Have you warned your coworkers about how expensive satellite phone calls can be? Has your family been told the sat phone is a device only to be used in emergencies? Well it’s time to change that way of thinking.

SatPhoneStore's new US Number Plans offer Iridium and Inmarsat subscribers a US phone number for their satellite phones. US Number Plan subscribers can use their satellite phone and freely give out their sat phone number without worrying about high incoming call rates or complicated dialing schemes.

This means you can get away from the office a day early or stay out an extra week. List your satellite number on your business card or email signature. Take advantage of free inbound calling and text messages, and tell you coworkers, customers, friends and family, “Call me on on my sat phone.”

Click to learn more about SatPhoneStore’s US Number Plans for Iridium subscribers.

Click to learn more about SatPhoneStore’s US Number Plans for Inmarsat subscribers.

Iridium GO! Super SIM


Are you tired of switching out SIM cards and paying activation fees every time you want to restart your Iridium GO! service?

Do you wish you had a local phone number so your friends and family could call and text you easily and without paying high international rates?
Introducing SatPhoneStore's Iridium GO! Super SIM
$139 per Month and Packed with Super Powers:

  • Choose an Australia or USA Phone Number 
  • Unlimited Iridium GO! Data
  • Unlimited SMS That Just Plain Works!
  • 50 Voice Minutes per Month Included
  • Suspend Service As Needed for $9 per Month 
  • Keep your Phone Number Forever
  • No More Switching Out SIM Cards
  • No Activation Fee
  • Free Shipping to Anywhere in the World (Duty Free)


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