Robert DeLaurentis is no stranger to circumnavigating the globe. A former Navy Officer for 14 years, pilot for 7 years, and authour of two books, he has logged over 1100 flight hours. In 2015, DeLaurentis completed the first solo flight around the world in a Piper Malibu Mirage, a single engine plane, spanning over 26,000 nautical miles and 23 countries in 98 days. Overall he has flown his plane, "The Spirit of San Diego", to over 53 countries in South America, Asia, Europe, and more.

In 2018 DeLaurentis and his team will be embarking on Flying Thru Life, a pole to pole flight in order to raise money for STEM research, aviation safety, and technology through the DeLaurentis Foundation. The trip will begin in December 2018 and will include trips over both polls, 26,000 nautical miles, and over 20 countries visited or lectured in. The plane will be over the South Pole on January 1st 2019!

Throughout the journey the Flying Thru Life team will be working with UC Santa Barbara researchers in order to study future space craft prototypes for NASA's Starlight Program. Here is the trip in his own words:

SatPhoneStore will be sponsoring Flying Thru Life by providing the team with a Garmin inReach Mini and Iridium GO! Aviation Package. The inReach Mini is a handheld satellite communicator that will provide the team with the ability for tracking, quick messaging, SOS, and more.

The Iridium GO! Aviation Package will provide a full communications package while onboard the aircraft. The Iridium GO! terminal will allow the team to utilize their cellular phones onboard as satellite phones. The GO! provides functions for calling, messaging, email, browsing, and more. The included Iridium glass mount antenna easily mounts on the outside of the plane for optimal coverage.

Both of these devices will provide DeLaurentis and the Flying Thru Life crew with reliable, easy to use satellite communication options to keep connected whether they are off the grid or in the air.