The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was the costliest tropical cyclone season on record with 17 named storms that caused over $280 Billion in damages. In the US, the historic season affected 47 million people, or roughly 15 percent of the population. In addition, hurricanes like Irma and Maria caused dramatic damage in the Carribean. Overall, tens of thousands of emergency response proffesionals and volunteers mobilized to aid in the recover.

Evey September FEMA organizes the National Preparedness Month providing an opportunity to remind us that we all must prepare ourselves and our families now and throughout the year. The 2018 National Preparedness Month will focus on planning, with an overarching theme: Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.

Each week of September will follow a theme in order to better prepare individuals and businesses for a hurricane or other natural disaster. The highlight of the month comes on September 15th with the National Day of Action.

The National Preparedness Month schedule is as followed:

Week 1:  September 1-8Make and Practice Your Plan

Week 2:  September 9-15-Learn Life Saving Skills

Week 3:  Sept 16-22-Check Your Coverage

  • Insurance is the first line of defense; check your insurance coverage and review the Document and Insure Property guide.
  • Flood Insurance allows communities and families to recover more quickly and more fully. Visit to learn more about flood insurance and how to protect your home or business.

Week 4: Sept 23-30-Save For an Emergency

You can also download the FEMA App in order to receive real time weather alerts, emergency safety tips, shelter locations, and more. Download the app here:

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