"Pure Reach" Online Engagement Campaign Enhances Annual Program

Miami, FL - May 23, 2011 - SatPhoneStore.com is partnering with Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) in its annual "Test Your Satellite Phone Week," May 23-28, 2011, as part of an ongoing educational program reminding satellite phone users worldwide to prepare for emergencies. In addition, this year, Iridium is introducing "Pure Reach," a campaign designed to generate greater online engagement and awareness of emergency preparedness.

Pure Reach supports GlobalMedic, a provider of emergency medical relief services and capacity building programs in developing nations, in delivering clean, pure water programs to regions and people in need. For every satellite phone tested (dial toll-free: 00-1-480-752-5105) during the Pure Reach campaign, Iridium will make a donation towards GlobalMedic's household-level water purification program. Iridium will also make a donation on behalf of individuals who participate through the Pure Reach, Test Your Satellite Phone Facebook and Twitter pages.

Users should charge and test their satellite phones periodically throughout the year to ensure they are ready before an emergency. The toll-free number will be available for users to test their satellite phones 24/7 all year long. For more information on testing your phone and emergency preparedness tips, visit www.testyoursatellitephone.com.

"Iridium's annual 'Test Your Satellite Phone' campaign aims to educate users on the importance of conducting regular tests to ensure their satellite phones are fully operable and ready to deploy whenever needed," said CJ Webber, President of SatPhoneStore. "As an Iridium value-added manufacturer, we support this educational campaign to promote emergency preparedness and the life-saving global initiative to provide clean drinking water to areas affected by disaster."

"Now in its fifth year, Test Your Satellite Phone Week has been successful in communicating the need for advanced disaster and emergency preparedness," said Don Thoma, Iridium executive vice president, marketing. "We developed the Pure Reach online campaign to generate awareness of the importance of emergency preparedness - whether it is communications or water lifelines. We're pleased to be supporting GlobalMedic's efforts in providing clean drinking water when serving the global community."

"Iridium has been a critical communications partner to us, and their support of our disaster relief efforts has been immeasurable," said Rahul Singh, founder and director of GlobalMedic. "We have found that two of our most vital needs to address during disaster relief operations are reliable, critical communications, as well as access to clean water, since local water supplies are often contaminated. It is gratifying to know that Iridium, through their ongoing partnership with GlobalMedic, is helping to provide both for those in desperate need."

GlobalMedic's sister program, GlobalWater, provides longer-term clean water access for families attempting to rebuild their lives after disasters or conflicts. They are able to purify water using GlobalWater's Rainfresh gravity water filters.

Through Pure Reach, Iridium has committed to donate up to $6,000 toward GlobalMedic water purification efforts. For more information, visit www.iridium.com/purereach.

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GlobalMedic is a registered Canadian charity that utilizes professional Canadian rescuers, specifically paramedics, police officers, firefighters and engineers who volunteer their time and skills to help those in need around the world. These volunteers form three distinct Rapid Response Teams (RRT): the Emergency Water Unit, the Emergency Medical Unit and the Rescue Unit. GlobalMedic believes in empowering the people we serve in disaster situations. Our teams train members of local communities and organizations on the correct operation and maintenance of our deployment equipment, and leave it in the field for them to operate as long as needed. For more information, visit http://www.globalmedic.ca.