Accessorize your Satellite Phone to Better Suit your Needs

Over the years SatPhoneStore has introduced popular phone packages, such as the Marine or Emergency Responder packages, which include a satellite phone and accessories specifically designed and optimized for the task at hand. Now these packages are available as accessory kits for people who already own a satellite phone! 

Whether you are out fishing on the water, taking your personal plane for a spin, or working to help save lives as an emergency responder your satellite phone has become an integral part of your routine. However each of these applications provides their own obstacles and needs, such as signal aid while on the water or the ability to charge your battery while in a remote area.

Now available are the following kits for your satellite phone:

Prepper Kit

More and more individuals, families and organizations are realizing the value of being prepared for a cataclysmic event. When planning for such an event a lot of attention is spent on nourishment and protection. It is important to also think about communications. The Prepper Lite Kit for Iridium 9575 comes with everything needed to keep one or two individuals connected through any man-made or natural disaster. 

The Prepper Kit Inlcudes: Spare Battery, Single Bay Battery Charger (Prepper Lite Kit Only), Quad Bay Battery Charger (Prepper Kit Only), 2-4 goTenna Mesh, SolarPak 24 (Solar Panel), Enegitech Battery 62400 mAh, Pelican 1550, 1-2 Pelican 1060

Prepper Lite Kit for IsatPhone 2

Prepper Lite Kit for Iridium 9575

Prepper Kit for IsatPhone 2

Prepper Kit fot Iridium 9575

Aviation Kit

Staying connected while flying is of vital importance. Whether you are making an emergency call or updating family members. The Aviation Kit allows you to take your existing handset and use it from take-off to touch down. The Iridium Glass Mount Antenna connects to the included dock. The SatStation Extreme Dock w/ Bluetooth allows your handset to stay docked and you handsfree or the Flightcell Pro allows you to make these calls on the radio you always use.

The Aviation Kit Includes: Iridium Glass-Mount Antenna, SatStation Extreme Dock w/ Bluetooth & Flush Mount Kit (Iridum 9575), SatStation Cradle (Iridium 9555), Flightcell Pro (Iridium 9555), 15 ft of cable

Aviation Kit for Iridium 9555

Aviation Kit for Iridium 9575

Marine Kit

The Marine Kit provides the security of having a working satphone below decks under any sea conditions. The included dock charges the phone and allows easy to use handsfree mode or the use of a privacy handset. Also the small outdoor marine antenna with 30 feet of antenna cable make it for a good permanent installation. It also gives the added security of taking the portable phone out of the dock and throwing it in your ditch bag if needed. Since the SatStation dock also charges your phone, you will have a fully charged phone at all times. Now you can make a call independent of your vessels power source unlike some fixed unit satellite phones.

The Marine Kit Includes: Marine Antenna, SatStation Deluxe Cradle (Iridium 9555) SatStation Extreme Cradle & Flush Mount Kit, Redport Optimizer (Iridium 9575), Privacy Handset, 30 ft of cable

Marine Kit for Iridium 9575

Marine Kit for Iridium 9555

Building Kit

The Building Kit comes with everything you need to be able to use your phone indoors. Once installed theantenna grabs the satellite signal outdoors and brings it in to the Satstation Dock, where your phone is docked and ready to be used at a moments notice. The Iridium 9575 Building Kit includes the SatStation Extreme Wi-Fi Dock giving you access to your emails virtually anywhere in the world. It is efficiently designed to lay on a flat surface and blend into any professional environment or command center, as well as being perfect for off-grid operations and emergency situations.

The Building Kit Includes: AD-511 Iridium Active Antenna, SatStation Desktop Dock (Iridium 9555), SatStation Extreme Dock - Wi-Fi Desktop (Iridium 9575), 40 M RG213 Antenna Cable

Building Kit for Iridium 9555

Building Kit for Iridium 9575

Emergency Responder Kit

The Emergency Responder Kit is a rugged, compact and portable way to use your existing phone in order to stay connected while responding to emergency situations. The Emergency Responder Kit provides you with an extra a solar panel, desktop charging dock, and extra batteries all enclosed in a Pelican 1400 custom foam case.

The Emergency Responder Kit includes: Solarboost 3, Extra Battery, SatStation Battery Charger, Pelican 1400 Case

Emergency Responder Kit for Iridium 9555

Emergency Responder Kit for Iridium 9575