For the first time ever, High Throughout Satellite (HTS) Internet is available via a marine stabilized 60 cm antenna. KVH recently debuted the Tracphone V7-HTS, one of the most affordable and reliable VSAT hardware solution available for boaters. The V7-HTS provides blazing fast speeds of up to 10/3 Mbps download/upload rates. This means smaller vessels now have the means to stream HD content or video chat with friends and family—allowing them to enjoy the Internet as they would at home. We expect this simple yet robust package to be popular with larger vessels as well due to the reasonable equipment cost and competitive airtime plans.

The revolutionary speed found in the V7-HTS KVH's Hybrid High Speed (HS) rate plans allow you to select the plan that’s right for your expected data consumption. At every price point you'll get the fastest data speeds on the network with unrestricted access to all applications and protocols.

In addition to the free hybrid rate plans, KVH subscribers will enjoy an unlimited use data channel for lower priority needs with the security of never experiencing overages, and with the option to upgrade to higher speeds. This lower priority channel is actually able to run at the same time as your ultra-fast channel.

KVH Unlimited Plan

KVH High Speed Plan

The Tracphone V7-HTS utilizes a powerful enterprise Ku-band VSAT antenna which provides access to KVH's most advanced marine network. Lastly, the v7-HTS utilizes an integrated CommBox Modem and user friendly controls which make utilizing the device correctly a breeze.

Along with this ground breaking technology, KVH has announced an expanded coverage map with more availability in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Put this all together and you can deifinitely see that the KVH Tracphone V7-HTS is one of the most affordable high performing VSAT solutions available to maritime customers today.

For more information about the KVH Tracphone V7-HTS and airtime rates click here