Preorders are starting now for the first generation of devices featuring the new Iridium Certus sevice platform. The Iridium Certus platform utilizes the new Iridum NEXT constellation to service a wide-ranging set of aviation, maritime, and land mobile communication needs. Iridium Certus will provide uncompromising coverafe and even a range of speeds to eventually reach 1.4 Mbps.

Through a crosslinked and overlapping “mesh” architecture, Iridium’s global coverage means that you are never out of reach, regardless of your location. Using this powerful network as the backbone for service, Iridium Certus is poised to set the standard for remote communications and connectivity for enterprises, governments and individuals that want to extend their use of mobile networks into remote areas.

Iridium Certus is being built to suport an innovative portfolio of partner products that has been expected from Iridium, including a revolution in mobile wireless communications. The innovation of these devices with the added speed and power of the Iridium NEXT constellation will allow Iridium Certus to deliver the right solution for you, whether it is high-performance or on-the-go.

The Iridium Certus terminals availale for preorder are:

Cobham Sailor 4300

Compact and incredibly easy to install, the SAILOR 4300 is the pinnacle of L-band satcom performance and reliability. SAILOR 4300 is designed to withstand the harshest maritime environments. Reliability is high and lifecycle costs are inherently low – it is built to such high quality that there is no scheduled service interval and no maintenance for at least 10 years after installation. But should something go wrong, you have the support and knowledge of Cobham SATCOM’s unique Global Service Network to get you back online wherever you are.

Available in bulkkhead and 19” rackmount configuration, SAILOR 4300 offers the most reliable connection to the Iridium® NEXT satellite network with speeds suitable for data-heavy applications including; videoconferencing, multi-user Internet/VPN, IoT and telemedicine, alongside regular usage including email, electronic forms/reporting and crew communication. With SAILOR 4300 providing your on board link, you are guaranteed high bandwidth IP connectivity and three high-quality voice lines for global calling wherever you are.

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Thales MissionLINK 350 (Land/Mobile) & VesseLINK 350 (Marine) 

Thales MissionLINK or VesseLINK give your critical operation global communications coverage regardless of the landscape. Operating using Iridium CertusSM broadband services over a network of 66 satellites that cover 100% of the globe. These solutions utilize this robust network service to provide highly reliable, mobile and essential voice, text and web communications. The MissionLINK and VesseLINK iclude features such as streaming up to 256 kbps, download speeds up to 700 kbps, and 3 high quality voice lines to  to meet your unique challenges through a simple, adaptable and robust design.

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