Each year more and more individuals, families and organizations are realizing the value of being prepared for a cataclysmic event. Being prepared for these events require meticulous planning in terms of nourishment, protection, and communication. However the need for communication can be complex and hard to plan without the right experise.

With over 20 years of experience in satellite and off-the-grid communications SatPhoneStore has developed the Prepper Pack, providing everything needed to keep a person or small group connected through any man-made or natural disaster.

SatPhoneStore's Prepper Pack comes with your choice of either an Iridium 9575 Extreme or Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 satellite phone that will enable you to communicate with the outside world and goTenna Mesh devices, which create a mesh radio network that can span over several miles. The pack also includes spare batteries, a huge battery bank, and solar array to keep all your devices powered and ready for use. These rugged and reliable off-the-grid communication tools come pre loaded into a customized Pelican case the offers ultimate protection and quick easy deployment.

The Prepper Pack comes in two sizes: Standard Prepper Package and Prepper Lite Package.

The Standard Prepper Pack includes: (2) Iridium 9575 Extreme or IsatPhone 2, (4) goTenna Mesh, Four Bay Charger, Solar Charger, and a battery bank contained within a Pelican 1600 case.

The Prepper Lite Pack includes: (1) Iridium 9575 Extreme or IsatPhone 2, (2) goTenna Mesh, Single Bay Charger, Solar Charger, and a battery bank contained within a Pelican 1550 case.

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Inside The Prepper Pack

Iridium 9575 Extreme or Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

Iridium 9575 Extreme combines location awareness, a fully integrated SOS button with included emergency response service, and market leading toughness — letting you take durability, reliability and versatility with you in hand, all over the world. 

Iridium 9575 Extreme is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from the only real mobile, real global satellite communications company in the world. 

Features of the Iridium 9575 Extreme Include:

  • Truly Global Coverage
  • Voice, Text, Data
  • GPS-enabled location-based services 
  • Online tracking Customized solutions enabled for diverse markets 
  • Accessories to dramatically enhance personal communications 
  • Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND) compliant SOS button design 
  • Reliable two-way global coverage Toughest military-grade designed satellite handset ever built


IsatPhone 2 is a tough phone for a tough world. 

The robust handset has been engineered to cope with anything that nature can throw at it – from searing heat to icy blasts, desert sandstorms or monsoon rain. It offers unrivalled battery life – 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours on standby.

Features of the IsatPhone 2 Include:

  • Dependable connectivity
  • High voice quality
  • Voicemail, text and email messaging
  • Extended battery capacity
  • Assistance button – sends GPS location data and text to pre-set emergency number
  • Tracking – sends location information
  • Bluetooth for hands-free use
  • Incoming call alerts with antenna stowed
  • Ergonomic and ruggedised handset

GoTenna Mesh

Pair to your phone and create your own signal. goTenna Mesh gives you text and GPS, no service required. Revolutionary mesh networking privately and automatically relays messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range; the bigger your network, the stronger your communications.

Users can send secure and encrypted text messages easily without relying on cell towers, routers or satellites. The Mesh can also be used to chat privately 1-to-1 or in groups of up to 10, or send a public broadcast to reach all friendly users within range. You can even download maps for use offline and drop unpaired units in strategic locations to relay messages for yourself and others to extend the coverage of your pop-up mesh network!


This foldable panel gives you ultimate power in a small compact design. You will find this panel to be very economical solution to keep you batteries charged. At least a 12 watt panel is needed to give you equipment the proper power and this panel gives you 24 watts at the cost of most 18 watt panels. All SatStation solar panels come with female cigarette lighter adapter to make sure you can charge any satellite phone.

Enegitech 62400mAh 230Wh Battery

This compact generator with huge capacity is super convenient to carry in your bag or car at only 4.5lbs, size 8.2*6.2*1.9 inch. It's a great partner for daily use to power phone, laptop computer, bluetooth speaker, mini refrigerator and for emergency situation in hurricane snowstorm and more.

UL CE FCC ROHS Safety Certified. Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery utilization, prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, advanced Texas Instruments (TI) chips ensures complete protection for you and your devices.

SatStation Battery Charger Bay

Whether you work in the Public Service sector or the private sector, your ability to be effective depends on the reliability of your communications systems. And while your satellite phone keeps you connected when no one else can, we have all experienced the frustration of having devices run "out of juice" when we need them the most. The SatStation IsatPhone 2 Battery Charger is the perfect solution for those who need to charge multiple batteries simultaneously. 

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