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How to Tweet from an Iridium Phone

1. Login to your Twitter account:

Go into your Twitter account settings

Select “Mobile” settings

In the “Country/region” list, scroll to the end where satellite providers are listed and select “Iridium”

Next, enter your Iridium phone number and click “Activate” and keep the webpage open.

2. Take your Iridium satellite phone outside:

Power it on in an area with an open view of the sky.

Once registered, select “Menu”, then scroll to “Messages” and then “Create Message”.

Type in “Go” as the message, select “Options”, and then “Send”.

Select “Add” for “New Recipient”, select “Enter Number” and type in 40404 and hit “OK”.

Press the left option key to “Send” to complete Twitter verification of Iridium SMS address.

3. Return inside and confirm that Twitter has verified your Iridium SMS settings.

Once registration is successful, you will see a message on your Twitter page that states “Your phone is verified”.

Next, select your mobile notifications on the screen to complete your enrollment.

You are now ready to send tweets from your Iridium satellite phone

4. Tips for use of Twitter from your Iridium satellite phone:

To simplify use of Twitter from your Iridium satellite phone, you should create a stored Phone book entry for “Twitter” and program the 40404 messaging address.

Once this is programmed, tweets sent to your Iridium phone book’s Twitter entry will automatically post on your Twitter account.

Your Iridium satellite phone will store up to 30 messages sent and received. Additional messages will need to be deleted to accept or send new messages. You will be notified when you have reachedcapacity.

Standard SMS rates apply to use of Iridium messaging for Twitter SMS.